07-Ghost 8 – Amemiya Yuki

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Tento žádaný kus 07-Ghost 8 - Amemiya Yuki s osvědčenou značkou Sevt jednoduše naleznete tady teď opravdu levně. Nyní pořídíte jen za 229 Kč

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The paths of one evil god, two rival empires, three unlikely bishops and seven brave ghosts converge in the destiny of Teito Klein, a boy who vows to master a powerful artefact known as the Eye of Mikael in order to lay bare the secrets of the world’s – and his own – murky past.

While the Seven Ghosts travel to their past lives‘ memory bank to investigate who tampered with their memories, Teito unearths a shocking secret of his own – he is the evil god Verloren’s vessel! And unless he regains the Eye of Mikael, his soul may crumble, spelling the end of the world.